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ShopMart™ - In Simple Terms

ShopMart™ is an affordable, interactive customer-loyalty system designed specifically for shopping centres and market places.

Delivered through a stylish computer-kiosk, the system allows centre management to effortlessly execute internal promotions directly to customers!

ShopMart™ encourages shoppers to visit the centre and swipe their personalised (and branded) membership card at the kiosk, to be given the chance to win a range of instant or major prizes, discounts, retailer offers, loyalty points or other rewards designated by you.

The ShopMart™ system can be customised to provide a variety of activites for shoppers including:

  • Instant swipe and win prizes
  • Major draws
  • Membership points
  • Interactive games
  • Sports tipping
  • Games of chance
  • SMS promotions
  • Customer surveys
  • Custom-designed promotions according to your needs



centre management

It’s Easy!

We do it all for you - from the provision of the computer-kiosks and set up of the promotions, through the production of promotional and point-of-sale material. We also supply the man power to gather your customers data and sign them up to the progam. We have an option to suit centres of all sizes.