How Does It Work ?

For Centre Management

The operating software for the system is remotely accessible from your office PC, allowing you to readily activate or de-activate promotions, amend prizes, monitor shopper interacting and access data.

The Shopmart™ system is co-ordinated through easy-to-use software called DataMiner. The program allows you to create instant tracking reports, customer surveys, as well as manage all promotions and databases.

The database collected from shoppers can be used to maintain ongoing dialogue with you customers via instant, targeted promotions offering them further incentive to visit the centre at specific times.

For Shoppers

Automatic Electronic Loyalty ProgramsShopMart™ is one of the easiest loyalty programs available for consumers!

Upon registering to become a member of your shopping centre, customers receive a personalised, branded plastic swipe card. Each time they visit they are encouraged to swipe the card at the strategically placed kiosk inside the centre.

Depending on the promotion, customers can either win a prize instantly, or receive a ticket to enter in a draw for a major prize.

The incredible range of rewards for shoppers – not to mention the experience itself – is an exciting prospect and acts as the perfect incentive for people to visit your centre on a regular basis.

Customised options

Membership LoyaltyShopMart™ offers a number of options to customise your loyalty program for a convenient, competitive edge that is sure to be the envy of your neighbouring centres!

We are able to develop an evolving campaign specific for your centre to either compliment your existing marketing strategy or lead it in an entirely new direction.

We offer complete marketing packages that include all necessary promotional material and design services (for example, prizes, stationery, flyers, etc.) to ensure your loyalty program is implemented efficiently and effectively.

Touch Screen Loyalty Rewards Kiosk
Card Loyalty System